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Horrible news all around for Glengarry County Ontario.

Posted in Uncategorized by ruthanzo on July 27, 2011

Last week the Glengarry News ran a story about how the sleepy little burg of Lancaster will soon be home to a Flying J Truck Stop (Nashville-based, why don’t they stay there) to be built at the junction of the 401 and route 34. Poor them. Then this week it was revealed that in Alexandria a 22-unit condo project (presumably aimed at retired folk) had gotten the go ahead and right next door there’s a large funeral complex being planned. Jocelyn Lamarche of Casselman is said to be the developer of both sites. This is the height of cynicism. Little boxes, little boxes. Crying in the chapel indeed. A pox on him and his enablers on the town council. The town of Alexandria has had a water problem for years, there’s not enough of it (it tastes like sh-t as it is) and the existing treatment plant isn’t adequate for the number of homes and business now. The Quebec towns downriver from it on the weed-choked Delisle should know about this. Maybe they’ll read this post.


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  1. Harper Valley Effluent said, on July 27, 2011 at 9:13 pm

    This is representative of the creeping Americanisation that appears to be flowing from the election of the Neo Reform Party.. The Gimme Gimme era that started under the Gipper has now given way to a cynical ‘anything goes” attitude. I fear that this is the tip of the ice floe. Short term gain is just that. I agree w/ PITSOL

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