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Mysterious stuff.

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Mysterious Stuff.

I’m reading the Steve Jobs bio and it’s no secret that his adoption was a factor, bittersweet though it may have been, in his drive to succeed. Years ago now at some folk festival Kate and I were talking to Greg Keillor of Blue Rodeo who was very excited about finding his birth mother. I think Laura Smith, also adopted, might have been there too. It was also known at that time that Sarah McLachlan had been adopted.

Did these three take up singing in order to find their birth mothers? Was each one subconsciously doing this so that someone somewhere would recognize their particular frequency?

Is this why a baby cries when it’s born? So that it’s mother will know its cry? When I had Sylvan I remember asking the nurse on the 7th floor of the Mtl Gen if they ever got the babies and mothers mixed up. She said not to worry that the mother can always tell which baby is hers by its cry. And it’s true. When the nurse would wheel a hungry Sylvan down the hall I knew it was him before I actually saw him. Presumably the baby knows its mother voice too. I wonder if birth mothers do something mysterious to find their lost children, other than putting ads in papers.

Anyway back to Steve Jobs. I don’t think he sang, but one of the first things he did was make a frequency counter. Really? then his friend Woz made a frequency generator. This ended up being the famous blue box which emitted the Bell Tel tone that allowed them to make free calls.

ET call home, indeed.


Good luck to Jon Huntsman.

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He’s a classy guy, like Obama. And slim..

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