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cones disease

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montreal must have more orange construction cones than any other city in the world and yet there’s no building of any substance going on here, just the usual substandard 4-storey petit palermo-style condos rising wherever there’s an empty space in a block and of course the endless road destruction. yesterday i couldn’t drive onto de l’esplanade cause rachel was all torn up. went 1/2 hr of my way to gain access to it. then the parking signs said i couldn’t park in front of my place, they’re shooting a film. later i was strolling through the park with arc and the film crew told me i couldn’t go where i wanted to ‘nous tournons pour la television’. big f-ckin deal.

tonight is ruf’s big outdoor show. sun is now shining. it’s going to be a wonderful day.



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Maybe Luka Magnotta should request the judge and jury from Dr. Guy Turcotte’s case. Turcotte stabbed his 5 and 3 yr old son and daughter 46 times cause he was ticked off about his wife (their mother) having an affair. They determined he wasn’t criminally responsible. Hello???? What fu–ing assholes these guys are.


Luka Magnotta case

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Well the Germans caught him. I suppose he’ll deny it all.
Inconsistencies in the L.M. case. If parcels with left foot and left hand were posted on Fri May 25 how come one of these was already delivered by Tues the 29, the other already in the Canada Post Ottawa warehouse, and both in state of advanced decomposition. And why the Conservatives and Liberals and not the NDP, Greens?* Were these sent priority post? or was deed done earlier as some have suggested? the torso in suitcase was not picked up by the garbage collection on Fri 25 but only the following Tues May 29 coincidentally with the discovery of the body parts at Canada Post. Where is the rest of the body? LM has no tattoos that I can see (I would expect him to have at least one) and wears a cross indicating he might be a Christian and according to French bar keeper (if he’s even in France which I doubt) drinks Coke. He won’t be able to say ‘the booze made me do it.’ How is it authorities have not forced the host site in Edmonton to remove snuff video? or maybe they have by now out of respect for victim’s family.

*is this a political story or a red herring?