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Newtown, LaPierre, Jones.

Posted in Uncategorized by ruthanzo on January 13, 2013

imagesI’d like to see Wayne LaPierre and Alex Jones go to Newtown and explain to the parents of the dead children why they oppose any amendments to existing gun legislation, amendments that might help in preventing yet another bloodbath. But this ain’t gonna happen. They’re too cowardly hiding as they do in their little camo blinds with their big guns. Besides grief would trump their guns just as paper wraps a rock. There’s a lot of posturing from these two about how guns protect your freedoms but these guys are anything but free with the stinking albatross of the NRA hanging from their rednecks. They should be made to wear coon skin caps for their next public appearances to ensure they’re not taken seriously by their ilk, elk.

Right after the slaughter at Newtown I heard ‘an expert’ on NPR say that the U.S. Gov has the power to ban the importation of assault rifles most of which come from Eastern Europe, or as Dubya used to call it the ‘New Europe.’ The new land of the free.