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sarah’s clothes, it’s all in the shoes

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lookit! the woman’s been living in al-aska and she has to look good in both nyc and wassila. i commend her dressers as they managed to keep sarah’s ‘wal-mart mom’ look all the while dressing her in valentino and red manolo blahnick spikes in order to fool the swank people in the big apple. it’s not a stretch. those designers strive for that ‘cheezy-chic’ look anyway but cheap shoes are a nono. i think it was donatella versace started the trend unseating that old bore balenciaga. those clever italians…maybe now sarah should read some dante. she says she likes books.


Anal-ogy (contains scats)

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The U.$. and its ruined economy reminds me of a big fat baby with a full diaper running around trying to rid itself of its load. Change we need, indeed. The baby wasn’t breastfed. It was force-Fed. That’s why it $tink$. The taxpayers are dung beetles. Let them eat $h-t!

Payback time. (4th and last cartoon in the Fannie and Freddie & Maos series)

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Madam Mao: The dogs..they’re for Fannie and Freddie?
Mao: I don’t think so. Those two have taken their last dive.

Fannie and Freddie & Maos (3rd cartoon)

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Mao’s junk ‘Lychee Nut’ is anchored in Washington harbor. Madam Mao gets swept up in the hoopla of the elections. Zedong judges an aquatic event.

Of Hunan Bondage – another Fannie and Freddie cartoon (aka junk bondage)

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☆Below is the conversation heard onboard.

Of Junk Bondage

Fannie: “Some are set, mom.”
Madam Mao: “Yes. Some are set for life..but not US.”
Freddie: “Daddy, what’s a bear market? ..are you going to sell my teddybear?”
Chairman Mao: “Yes..I think so, Freddie. But I have a nice little red book for you.”

1st Fannie & Freddie cartoon
Nightmare on Pennsylvania Ave.

OF MICE AND MOOSE – do worry, be nasty..

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Of mice and moose.

Everybody agrees that the Democrats have to fight dirty like the Republicans and that there’s no point in telling the people that the beloved-country is in deep economic trouble. Just for starters F.Mae and F.Mac have a combined debt of 5 trillion $$$$$ because successive Republican Governments privatized what was once a government corporation set-up to protect mortage lenders against defaulting borrowers but keeping the original provision that the bonds, issued by these 2 institutions, to banks and governments (China biggest lender) all over the world would be guaranteed by the government. (Then they fired the regulators.) The people are gonna be paying for this, and the 100 billion bail-out to each Fannie and Freddie, that’s like giving them each a penny, if that. Hey Freddie, show your big shiny penny to Hu Jintao. But all this is too abstract a concept for the people. They’re distracted, falling enraptured of a third-rate cross-eyed Raquel Welch (sorry, Raquel) who is busily obsessing over her big hairy moose and a little fieldmouse in his Winter camouflage, the fawning masochistic bumboy of the big rat in the White House. Poor Ms. Mouse and her pretty clothes.

In the words of Hair’s James Rado and Gerome Ragni “Easy to be hard” (but hard to keep it up!)

nightmare on pennsylvania ave. (1st Fannie and Freddie Cartoon)

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Chinese Government largest foreign holder of Fannie/Freddie bonds.

nightmare on pennsylvania ave.

nightmare on pennsylvania ave.

One Way Love (the blog) aka OWL

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OWL lyrics The powerless people at the bottom of the heap in America think that ‘they’ will be empowered if ‘they’ elect someone like Sarah Palin who to all appearances is one of ‘them.’ ‘They’re wrong. She’s not one of ‘them.’ She’s not a stiff. If she were she would never have gotten to Washington (she’s not there yet but she’s on her way unless a suicidal moose decides to take her out on an Alaskan byway) She’s a shrewd, ambitious and brassy back-country woman whose parents are teachers. George Bush likes to pretend he’s one of ‘them’ too. A stiff, that is. Blaming big government. Isn’t he the President? But he’s not one of ‘them.’ He’s a wealthy under-achieving mama’s boy who aspires to the uneducated classes. That’s why ‘they’ love him. ‘They’ love George Bush more than their own children whom he has uncaringly sacrificed in an unjust, poorly planned war. If you can’t love yourself transfer your love to a ‘gleaming’ version of self. George, Sarah. Maybe yielding up one’s child to the Bush war is an act of love after all, an act of kindness when your kid gets his crotch blown apart for Bush & Co. It’s that or working himself to death down the road at three low-paying jobs just to put bad food on the table for his family.

notes from the rnc watching cnn

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oklahomebody mary phallin tawkd about johnny mccain and his big stick that he’s gonna defeet the evil with. the republican video is narrated by a deep scary voice (rove have small weenie?)) that says iran started it all in 1979 and that lead to 911. help. & all this time i thought it was saddam. why do black commontaters donna brazile & roland martin have to sit in another room? they usually sit around the table with the ‘reagan democrats’….gergen says country very battered..really! and doubts anybody will be able to govern. elephants made mess. big, destructive. gergen been straddlin elephants donkeys elephants, how bout a grizzly?
ads for oil development. why does everybody in the stadium look like they’re from central casting, waving little flags and wearing those 30s campaign this a joke. lanolin graham campaining for joe he running? brock? obama. this is a dry run for the real convention? snot. this is terrible. dear fried john mcain. graham’s gonna win war. oops they’re in trouble. run that sarah pailin video. moose, udder..we have a wood stove too. sarah knows how to drive.
something about leaving brock obama in the oven a little longer. is he a cookie? hansel and gretel put witch in oven. wolf says crowd is excited. really? oh its tom ridge. he only talk 1 min. no money in envelope.
mccain ready to de-liver the brave troupes. dis-embowel too. baby cindy looks just like john mcain. doppelganger? cinders dad bought a beer truck. masters in special ed. come in handy with johnny.. didn’t know his real age. mudder theresa gave cinders baby girl. a bridget too far. she match upholstery. cindy lady dyed after di died. her son jimmy? i thought they only had meg. big family (cinders steal babies) none in irak. oh. they’re grazing in navel academies. government get out of our way (there’s nothing in your way lady)..abe’s hand on shoulder..abramoff hand in till. john had runs, got home. showers too. perilous times for free. dumb. make-up good. kiss me sailor! how bout that moosesheriff palin. cinders hockey mom too. get the job done. what’s the job? she’s awful. i swear her nose was shorter when she started out. stop blow drying your hair it’s falling out. gloria stop putting that stuff in your cheeks.
hold up we love cindy cards. republicans shouldn’t dance. upchuck berry. anderson say john mccain bile well known. oh. video with big voice. john of arc. kissing bush elephant butts. just lied about russia invading georgia first. georgia invade independent south ossetia first. mccain men enjoy serving, incarceration. why? roberta mccain. cindy mccain. blessed by misfortune. oh god. johnny only rehearsed actor tonight. knows script. look into my little pictish eyes. fight with me. fuck off.

Alexandria ON. (an area settled by Highland Regiments) and its insatiable appetite for things military. (especially the steak tartan)

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Thursday, Aug 23 2007

Spoke to a yokel yesterday who claims that a search and rescue chopper team, part of the Montebello Summit security escort, made a pit stop on Monday in the parking lot of Tim Whoreton’s to quaff a cuppa javex and use the toilets (I guess they don’t wear disposables like the asstronauts.) This surprise visit impressed the townies no end. During the Great Icestorm of January 1998, when we were without power for 3 weeks, the Canadian Army was camped out in this same parking lot, ostensibly there to dispense emergency supplies to the locals. But some of the town beauties saw a golden opportunity to use Timmy’s convivial atmosphere (had generator) to turn tricks for timbits. I remember seeing one bashful pimply-faced recruit going home? on the arm of a young girl I had once taught to sing old french folk songs. There’s something about a lad in uniform that screams out excitement and danger, even if he is just handing out D cell batteries and bottled water. Ah la guerre!


A sucker for a guy in a kilt and a jimmy cap.


Robert W. ‘Herb’ Service Says:
August 23rd, 2007 at 9:06 pm
There are strange scenes seen on the 417
That would make a Scot turn red
But the strangest sight
On an August Night
As the eagle knights soared past
Were the words that were heard
As the Whirly Birds whirred
As Anzo gave a blast

zbignews Says:
August 23rd, 2007 at 11:19 pm
itsa surreal neck -o -the – woods out there shirley. I jest herd that the other snowbirds near cornwhal
were infesting ie the ununiformed snowgeese, and that the former farmers were given leave to shoot
5 per day and leave them fallow in the fields to warn off the others. Yet another parimutual manouver.
I just hope that the tropes stationed at camp tim horton here’s a who , for the sake of the health of the
lokels, after rolling up the rim, roll down the ribbed rubber regardless.

zbignews Says:
August 24th, 2007 at 7:08 pm
the snowbergs flew over today rattling my cage.
what’s this? some kinda promo tour? the law probably says the’ve gotta be twice as loud hear

spruce top parkinsons Says:
August 25th, 2007 at 2:16 pm
ssnowbergs could hae bbine tthe ccause of the metro ffflor prolapsing aatt the bbay.
i’m ssure tthey’ll ffind sumthin tto sell on ttthat new llevel. i ggues the ellevaters
don’t ffit too well now llike the ones hhere. 2 1/2 is where the mmen washrooms r nnow.
yyou have to cliimb up the wwal to get out.
kornwall asighlum

zbignews Says:
August 26th, 2007 at 1:17 am edit
i’m surprized anyone’s surprized about the Bay’s chicken little
scenario. Why sould anything be different than the olympic stadium. There
seems to be some kind of gravitational force acting on cement here… kind
of reminds me of intelligent design….but none at all. I saw
prezidential hopeful huckabee on the huckster tv> seems charming except that
the charm of evolution-denial wears off pretty fast. Maybe , after the
election is over , he can come here and deny gravity and fix us up with
some new cement high rise cloverleaves. Who are these people and why
aren’t they asylomized…. And why did they change the name of “the
hudson’s bay company” to “the bay”? .. why not just “THE” if they’re going
to shorten it so willy nillilly. See what happens when you cut corners