pain is the staff of life

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Solomon’s deal

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6hfhgjdjdfjfdjf-230x180I’m weighing in here on the Solomon/Bailey kerfuffle and not whether ES was in his rights to behave as a go-between using contacts he’d made as a high-profile CBC host.

If Bailey had sent his Doig to auction he would have paid approximately 1/2 of the proceeds of the sale to the auction house as a commission. Also, when a sale takes place at a ‘reputable’ (are there any?) auction house like Sotheby’s or Christie’s it’s recorded and some of the proceeds may now go to the artist if he or she is still alive or to the artist’s family, as a kind of royalty. But I’m not sure what that deal is.

In the mid-2000s some people I know sent a Dutch seaside scene by a collectable Dutch artist to Christie’s on the European continent where it would fetch a better price than here in Canada. The painting sold in the 30+ thousands but after the commissions and maybe taxes the owners only collected 16,000.

So, what I’m saying is that Bailey had a good deal with Solomon who was only taking 10%, which was kind of a finder’s fee. The painting might have gotten a lot more at auction than Balsillie’s 11+ mil but Bailey might not have cleared as much as with Solomon’s deal. Bailey was wise to go with ‘Anka’ the sweet-singing bird in the bush but stupid not to pay Solomon his 1 mil fee and bringing the whole affair to the public’s attention, not to mention RevCan’s and the RCMP’s.

Flat Screen Society©™

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I’ve been staring at the computer screen for so long that now when I look up at the night sky I think the stars are burnt pixels.

Moon through the willows on weekend of Nov 2.
moon weekend nov2-32014

His excellence Papa Pino Canino the 1st Dog Pope of Rome

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With Pope Francis so much in the news I’m reposting these scenes from the life of Pino Canino the Dog Pope of Rome done during the tenure of Benedict 16.
2pinocreationstoryil papa pino uno 2

Dogs in the Afterlife

shit-eating grins

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tempest in a tar pit

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cons fail to see humour in justin trudeau’s comments on tout le monde en parle but find it funny when old people are sent to the wrong polling stations to cast their votes. hypocrites. robocall scandal/voter suppression in canada

guerrilla gardener uncovers 3 small terrorist pots & a false flag

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three terrorist pots

three terrorist pots

The notorious pansy gang.

false flag?

false flag?

or a garden variety iris?

Louis the cat

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I can’t log onto Facebook so if anybody wants to send me a message please click on reply or comment.

Here’s my little cat Louis about whom the song was written. Alright..enough, I’m going to make some rhubarb.

Louis the cat

Louis the cat


Modern farming in Glengarry County Ont.

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imagesWe spoke to a Maxville area farmer yesterday who told us about current farming practices out here in Glengarry. Some of these we were already aware of. Because of the high price of oil, all available tracts of land around here have been or are in the process of being bulldozed, tile-drained and planted in corn for ethanol. This has been going on for a while but it’s reached a fevered pitch as good farm land in the area goes for as much as 18,000. an acre.  Landowners are also getting good prices for land once classified as marginal. In addition to corn being planted for ethanol, soybeans are also sown and then shipped to China to be made into plastic. OK. According to our farmer friend, these immense fields are all being fertilized with human waste coming to us from Ontario’s heavily populated Toronto-London area. He said tanker trucks labeled Bio-Waste with a big Approved by the Government seal on them  are often seen in Tim Horton parking lots. Anyway, this black sticky stuff when it does finally break down and which contains residues from drugs and whatever else we humans put in our bodies, all leaches into the tile drains, ditches, creeks and rivers, our water supply. In the elephant that is South-Western Ontario the asshole used to be Owen Sound. This orifice seems to have migrated to the armpit.

The farmer also said there’s very little hay to speak of being grown locally for livestock. Can this be true?

separated at birth

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When I saw this pic in the Gazette I thought it was Magnotta the cannibal (sans make-up) who was Porter’s co-accused. Not such a stretch if you factor in Porter’s home base of Sierra Leone..Oh boy this is really getting interesting and I’m ready to believe anything. But turns out it’s a pic of Elbaz, Porter’s co-conspirator at the MUHC and pal of Paolo Catania’s. This is REALLY getting interesting. Next they’re will be a link to the horsemeat scandal in the EU. Not such a stretch..