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2. More tales from Big Turnip – Lonely Sue part 2

lonely sue part 2 lonely sue part 2

Lonely Sue, a clueless dress-designer manqué whose day job as a data entry clerk has been outsourced to the Moon, pounds the pavement of Big Turnip delaying the inevitable, her return to Small Potato, the village of her birth. Now broke, she throws caution to the wind and stops in at her favorite bistro, Au Trois Frères, for the luncheon special. Lonely Sue is unaware that one of the frères fancies her.

Check out “Tales and More Tales from Big Turnip” under Pages in left-hand column for some background on Lonely Sue, Thingies, The Vapides, McMaster & Strumpette, all of whom reside in Habitat for Inanities in the Megalopolis of Big Turnip.


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  1. allo said, on April 27, 2010 at 7:53 pm

    frere jacques?

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