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People of the Snow

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Sign of the Times and update on VIA RAIL’s Billion Dollar Transformation

Posted in Uncategorized by ruthanzo on February 4, 2013

More changes at VIA, at least in Alexandria Ont. The ticket-agent quit a few weeks ago and VIA hasn’t hired a new one. So instead of a smiling agent the customer is now greeted by a piece of plywood telling it to call an 800 number (Gare Alexandria in French translates to ‘Beware Alexandria’.. it can be a scary place.) Meanwhile the high-tech baggage scale that appeared back in late 2012 to ensure that passengers weren’t taking oversized bags onto the train is now being used as a magazine rack. Alexandria is a bedroom community of both Ottawa and Montreal and didn’t really require a scale, most people travel with just a toothbrush and a computer, not a refrigerator (unless you’re Mike Duffy).. or 2 limos (like the PM took to India..what’s wrong with an elephant?) I suppose VIA blew its Alexandria budget on the scale and now can’t afford an agent.

hello wall

hello wall

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Go to the VIA page and click to see VIA’s billion dollar upgrade. VIA’s $10000000000. transformation Read all about the new station in Windsor (not Windsor Station, as far as I know that’s still in Montreal) or the glass-covered foot bridges in Oshawa and mention though of the plywood over what used to be the ticket-wicket in Alexandria, and the billion dollar scale that doubles as a magazine rack. I hate to harp on but not all VIA passengers are created equal.

mother earth, the pole-dancing gangsta bitch of the petro boys?

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I was out for a ski on the back 40 enjoying the beauty of nature when I remembered this t-shirt I had gotten from Sean Lennon. He and his mother are big time anti-fracking activists. That in turn reminded me of this horrible story I’d read this morning in La Presse about a poor woman who ended up as some deviant’s ‘gangsta bitch.’ Her pimp had circulated a video he’d taken of her pole-dancing while he twisted the barrel of a loaded revolver in her vagina. So, is Mother Earth just the pole-dancing gangsta bitch of the petro boys?

Newtown, LaPierre, Jones.

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imagesI’d like to see Wayne LaPierre and Alex Jones go to Newtown and explain to the parents of the dead children why they oppose any amendments to existing gun legislation, amendments that might help in preventing yet another bloodbath. But this ain’t gonna happen. They’re too cowardly hiding as they do in their little camo blinds with their big guns. Besides grief would trump their guns just as paper wraps a rock. There’s a lot of posturing from these two about how guns protect your freedoms but these guys are anything but free with the stinking albatross of the NRA hanging from their rednecks. They should be made to wear coon skin caps for their next public appearances to ensure they’re not taken seriously by their ilk, elk.

Right after the slaughter at Newtown I heard ‘an expert’ on NPR say that the U.S. Gov has the power to ban the importation of assault rifles most of which come from Eastern Europe, or as Dubya used to call it the ‘New Europe.’ The new land of the free.

Death on the Influenza Express – VIA’s death trains

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Sad story about a person dying of influenza and 3 others sick with it on VIA’s Vancouver-Toronto run Christmas day, yet train was only 6 hrs. late…VIA DEATH Two days ago during the big storm, Lily was stuck on a VIA train (Alexandria-Montreal) originating in Toronto but travelling through Ottawa as they do now to save money. Train was over 1 hr late getting into Alexandria (it’s always late.) At Dorval, precedence was given to the Toronto-Mtl (direct) train running on the southern tracks and Lily’s train was shunted to the sidetrack. Once in the Turcot Yards, the NYC-Mtl AMTRAK got precedence, meanwhile Lily’s train shunted again had to wait for 5 hrs. in the Turcot yards because VIA only had 2 bays open (on a holiday week?) and the trains that go in have to disembark then re-embark, then back out of them. In total train was 9 hrs. late. Criminal. No wonder that poor person died on that train.

cockles and muscle

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One pound fish guy is a modern day Molly Malone. Molly’s come-on was, ‘cockles and mussels alive alive-o. I wonder if Warner’s would have signed her? They could have made a really nice video in 1880 with Molly in her Dickensian rags pushing her big old wheel-barrow around.
one pound fish guy Come on ladies, come on ladies, one pound’s very catchy, if you’ll pardon the pun.

Boycott Walmart

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Is there a movement to do this? Yes there is. BOYCOTT WALMART
Anderson Cooper is a wonderfully compassionate soul. He’s making a difference unlike the disingenuous Wayne Lapierre. That guy is a f-cking asshole.

Dussault dogs

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These are Anne-Marie Dussault’s little pooches. I ran into the Radio-Canada anchor today at the hairdresser. I watch her every night and she’s the best. The two small dogs sat quietly on her lap the whole time. We chatted about the mess at the MUHC, the Charbonneau Commission, then Piers Morgan, and she wondered whether he would lose his big job at CNN after his angry outbursts when interviewing the spokesman from Americans with Guns this weekend. ‘You’re a STUPID man!’ I guess a big profile anchor isn’t supposed to lose his cool. Piers should get himself a couple of Rottweillers.

take away the guns

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These mass shootings have become modern day’s killer bugs. The population has to be immunized against them just as we’ve been immunized for polio or diphtheria. If the act of coughing or sneezing is the thing that propels and sprays the bacteria/virus particles around, the gun is the launcher/sprayer for the killer’s violent thoughts. Take away the guns and neutralize this mass-killer disease.

Maybe forcing gun shops and gun manufacturers to post pics of bullet-riddled children in their shop windows and on gun packaging like they do with cigarettes would be a start. And another thing, there should be a registry of ‘gun enthusiasts’ like they have for ‘child molesters (enthusiasts)’ so people can live as far away from them as possible or run them out of town. They’re a menace.

Pauline Marois, a lass and a lac

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I was feeling kinda sorry for Pauline M. after she’d made public her declaration of income for 2011, a mingy 150,000. (her salary as opposition leader in the Assemblee Nationale du Quebec) and was struck by how financially humble our Northern politicians are compared to their Southern counterparts. And I thought the music biz was bad. How did she manage. Then I remembered she’d built a chateau a few years back on Ile Bizard that was sold recently for 7 mil. Here’s the house Marois-Blanchet house Turns out her husband Claude Blanchet who headed up the Federation des Travailleurs du Quebec (fed. of all Quebec trade unions) is a regular Midas turning all those dues and pension funds if not into gold then into virtual billions.
Dane said that if Pauline married Steve Lack she’d be Pauline Lack Marois.