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Justin Trudeau, Macbush

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There’s only one option left for the Liberals and that’s to make Justin Trudeau their leader. And don’t tell me he’s too young, it’s the other Lib pretenders that are too old and they have too much baggage to portage la prairie. Justin has only a backpack and a paddle and he’s got one foot in the canoe now. He needs to get the other foot in, get his balance and start singing v’la l’bon vent m’amie m’appelle and hightail it to BC where his mum is from. During the run-up to the elections the posters with his handsome smiling face kept disappearing in Park Ex where he ran and won. It might have been the enemy but I think people were stealing them to keep as mementos. I would have taken one but it would have meant jumping from a moving car on Acadie Boul. and Naan is too old for that kind of thing. Sob. Poor delusional Stéphane Dion. He was under the mistaken belief that people voted on the issues and that after criss-crossing the country as he did and making all those fine speeches he stood a good chance of winning even if the polls revealed the opposite was true. What happened to
the strategic voting everyone was going on about? This was going to defeat the cyborg Steve Harper. I guess the notion of the perfectionist Dion as PM was too depressing. I wouldn’t mind Harper if he showed just a little compassion and less disdain for his fellowman. It seems the only person who’s ever made an impression on him was Georgie Macbush. What is it about that guy that makes grown men blush and throw themselves at him. Is it because his daddy is the Wizard of Oil?
The other night watching the Nixon doc on PBS they touched on the attempted assassination of Pres Reagan 69 days into his ‘reign.’ George Macbush père was the VP and if you google or wiki John Hinckley Jr. the putative assassin you’ll see that the Hinckleys were Texas oil people and more than just passing acquaintances of the Macbush family….and Judy Woodruff heard a shot that came not from Hinckley’s gun but from the hotel behind her. Friendly CIA fire? There’s a whole other conspiracy out there.