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SIR GEORGE MARTIN * Collage of Arms and Legs – granted 15 March 2004

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Wednesday, Jun 27 2007

Yo se WALT WITLESS despondent corpse for rogers/rutgers.. stop.. fastforward..HooFpESt:THIS is the latest NEWS? as long as it isn’t about SHEFFIELD, we’ll take it.

cia family jewels or heraldic code? what’s the diff.
edited by botfly

Arms: Azure on a FESS (excuse my french) nebuly ARGENT between THREE STAG BEETLES (oÙ est ringo?) Or five Barrulets Sable.(3 French Horns, hens? no!)
Crest: On a wreath Argent and Azure A HOUSE MARTIN proper holding under the SINISTER (west) WING a (tape) Recorder in bend SINISTER MOUTHPIECE (j.edgar vac) downwards OR. (WHAT?)
Motto: AMORE SOLUM OPUS EST. (likes to work alone)
Badge: A ZEBRA STATANT (sharp dresser, BrAIN Ep?) proper supporting with the DEXTER (shurely Gordon’s) FORLEG over the shoulder an Abbot’s Crozier Or (y no COST’ello?)
Among many other achievements, Sir(e) George Martin was producer of the Beatles. (Birdcertificates PLEASE) The shield, crest and badge (contents of his overnight bag) make various more or less EXPLICIT references** to the group as well as to music and the recording industry (#@$$#) in general.
if paul ws the walrus, is missing no.4 stag beetle disguised as a zebra with a cane? on his way to beat the sh-t out of sir george.(concordial now)
not shown
sated TERMITE beetle paul falling off X’s MILLED-on-the-Lathe SINister and SORE afTLeg.

c 4 youssef blind iman

Dr. Frankenstein


Post Anna Baptiste ( Bateese?) Ramble

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Tuesday, Jun 26 2007 

Mercy. Just like driving a streetcar 50 year ago my DREAMS are fulfilled. I’m The BLOG DRIVER. Everythinngs digital but ANNABLOG. Weather Horrid in HUFFINGTOWN . And CELERITY HOUSE moves like my lasses. Whod dis zz keat and naan ? Me want names of feathers . I wish I was LANNING ON DA LAMPOST. MOBY GRAPE navel drip. Aren’we clever with allah dis (Don’t do dat ) voibal dextrosty. It was either me or CLARENCE T. MASS (USSC) . Both well versed in coke tins. WHERE’S MY LINE. KITTY ( U GOTTA HAVE CARLISLE) HART. Why won’t you be on the wood panel ? Tom ain’t postin cuz TOM POSTON crossed
Over Jordan outside of Hamilton. Suzanne’s plush dower giver. JEEZ this is hard woik. She’s po’ but not even kind to me ? De Rack of LAMB is ready. I’m looking for JACK LONDON so’s we can do a wolf blitz.

Walt witless


zj writes:
Jun 26, 6:51 PM
gone roar sharking

Botfly writes:
Jun 26, 6:55 PM
as smooth a waltz as i’ve ever had with a lamé hearse.
you’ve done hoofpest proud.

Lord Twee Mure
Earl of Blackberry writes:
Jun 26, 10:07 PM
How dare this parvenu charlatan opine in such an egregious manner. Dare we say that his pecksniffian perorations fallo short of the mark. The Kenyon reviewers have made to many concessions. This stuff is better suited to Murdoch and Fox news. As for the putative opiner above, I believe hymn to be a fifth (Glencampbell) calumnist associated with LOX news. Lowell come back….

Onan the librarian writes:
Jun 27, 8:57 PM
As we read the WIKIPEDIA
60 bits
50 facts
40 bytes
30 tracts
you get da pc ture
picture of da rinse grey