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Hillary Clinton’s team chooses céline dion ditty as campaign song. (advisory: lifejackets recommended)

Posted in Uncategorized by ruthanzo on June 21, 2007

June 21 2007

I’m not sure this was a WISE DECISION on the part of HILLARY’S handlers, choosing a campaign song from the CÉLINE DION catalogue given that it was largely her vocalizing that SANK the TITANIC. One can’t deny that CÉLINE’S music PROVIDES GREAT COMFORT when you’re already on your way to a WATERY GRAVE. Her voice has a SIREN quality to it. But it also means we’ll be hearing THE DAMN THING for the next year and once the WOBBLING sets in people will head for the LIFEBOATS and then it will be TOO LATE to right the GOOD SHIP HILLARY. I predict that HILLARY and her MISGUIDED team will be lying at the BOTTOM OF THE SEA at the conclusion of the DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION after COLLIDING with a BLOOMBERG in a THICK FOG off Long Island. BILL CLINTON should sound a WARNING right now on that SAX of his. Sometimes I think the Democratic Party has been INFILTRATED by the ENEMY who push for DAMAGING decisions, like the choice of this song. I think a MUCH BETTER SONG for her would have been JUNIOR WALKER’S “I’M A ROADRUNNER.” I’m sorry I wasn’t consulted. BILL could have played along on the sax SOLO. She’d win HANDS DOWN, even with her UNPOPULAR stance on IRAK. Really great music can sometimes make people do things they wouldn’t dream of doing. Like SLEEPING with a stranger or VOTING for HILLARY. Or vice versa.


Naan The Sibyl*
*Thinks CHUCK HAGEL’s going to take it all, if and when he dives into these roiling waters from his landlocked NEBRASKA. MARLON BRANDO was from there, so were JOHNNY CARSON, MALCOM X, RED CLOUD and of course that old moneybags WARREN BUFFETT.


Jun 21, 11:03 AM
Queenshiv writes:

Jun 21, 11:08 AM
lily writes:
you know, that song was actually the song that relaunched the flagging air canada fleet. the money spent on having celine and that song in their ads might have been better used to pay for plane maintenance or better airline food. lets hope hillary knows that this song isn’t going to cover up her bad policy choices and all….

Jun 21, 11:12 AM
the cerberus people who bought and now run (into the ground) air canada and now daimler chrysler must have a tie-in with david foster and celine or own the publishing to that horror. quelle bêtise.

Jun 21, 11:22 AM
tante jane writes:
Maureen Dowd had this to say in June 20/07 NY Times column:
…Unfortunately, the winner, “You and I,” is definitely not for you and me. It doesn’t bode well for the cultural health of the country that Hillary picked a song by Celine Dion, who combines the worst of Vegas and Canada…

Jun 21, 3:40 PM
Oh Come Angelil Band writes:
I was voted down on LA POUPEÉ QUI FAIT NON. Nobody lissens!! Republicans are quuietly pushing for BILL CHEATHAM. Now this Dionne gal might get one of the surviving quints to do a duet with her. Hilary Duff? Mike Duffy & Rita McNeill. There’s a big Pond kinda like the big republican tent. How bout A CAMPAIGN WITH NO DIRECTION by AMERICA. Tiny Tim come back Puhlease!

Jun 22, 8:53 PM
kate’s myth writes:
Hillary has chosen the Céline Solution – just trying to stay afloat….

Jun 22, 8:55 PM
kate’s myth writes:
The Céline Solution – a good way to stay afloat in a Sea that’s anything but Dead!

Jun 22, 11:05 PM
Old Salt -Sody M. Clawride writes:
Hilary will be in charge of the navy. The seamen like Celine. Hilary will like the seamen. I’m pulling for Pat C. Gal Aunt. BOBBY GIMBY please contact Messers (Don?) Hurok or Guesser (Jean). My My aren’t we a verbally dextrous lot.

Jun 22, 11:05 PM
the dorki m’lorki, direct descendants of dorkus m’lorkus write:
the vinyl Céline solution.